We turned a corner last night with the flu here in Kasa Kapgar. Both Katie and Nathan are on the mend. Bathroom frequency is way down and food tolerance is way up! I like that.

So to celebrate feeling better, we gifted Nathan with… three days of homework to catch up on. We’re nothing if not giving parents.

Oh the stink eyes we got from him. Heh heh.

But they will both be back at work and school tomorrow.

We also started the clean up today. Tons of laundry and disinfecting and attempting to air out the house. Of course when we tried to do the last thing, the track springs in our master bedroom windows both snapped and we can’t open them beyond about two inches. Either of them. The same time.  You’d swear it was planned.

We knew we were going to have to replace our windows. This just accelerates the timeline a bit.



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Sep 21
Today marks the third calendar day that we’ve been dealing with the flu here in our household. Nathan got it first on Monday night. Stomach flu. He spent more time on the night of his tenth birthday in the bathroom...
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Sep 23
I can’t tell if I’m more impressed that politicians and their PACs have decided to target voters based on what they like or scared that they do this and I may have to hide what I love as a result....


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