It took just shy of a month, beginning back on August 13, but we finished watching all four seasons of Stranger Things tonight.

I’m really proud of Katie and Nathan. Sure, it’s a dark show. Unlike anything either of them have ever watched. But they did it.

They also got really into it. Katie had theories about how each season would end and all of us had favorite characters.


Let’s just say Nathan had his favorites and stuck by them so hard that when Eddie Munson bought it, as heroic a death as it was, he bawled. Hard. We had to pause it so he could compose himself.


Of course he just broke down again 90 seconds later with Max Mayfield’s is-she/isn’t-she death scene.


Pause again.

After that quick succession of emotional mine explosions, Nathan was saying that he couldn’t keep on watching. We had to bribe him with ice cream to finish those last 32 minutes. There was, after all, no way we were throwing in the towel on the last half hour of 34 episodes.

I can’t wait for season five… in what will likely be four years if the pattern continues. 

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