Whomever greenlit the atrocity that is Disney’s live action remake of Pinocchio needs to be shot, maimed, quartered, flayed, burned, acid washed…

…and then forced to watch that piece of digital shit over and over and over until the Earth explodes.


Personally I think the former list of horrors is more pleasant than the thought of ever watching that crap fest again.


He freaking waterskis!! WTF?!?!

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Sep 9
It took just shy of a month, beginning back on August 13, but we finished watching all four seasons of Stranger Things tonight. I’m really proud of Katie and Nathan. Sure, it’s a dark show. Unlike anything either of them...
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Sep 11
After 33 years, it is finally happening. A new Fletch film. But without Chevy Chase. Of course, after this much time and with all the controversy surrounding him, it would never work with Chase. Obviously. Others have been rumored… Jason...


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Suzanne Apgar

Why does there have to be a remake of every movie ever made? I also feel that way about colorizing black and white movies. It's the story and the acting that make the movie.

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