Snippets 2022.01...

Wow! It only took me 8.5 months to finally post some Snippets in 2022. Heh heh. I probably did a bunch as TILs. Oh well. Here you go!


I came across this exhaustively lengthy story in the New Yorker detailing the history of the famed Choose Your Own Adventure novels of my childhood. I loved these books so much. I've tried to get Nathan into them and he's liked the one official CYOA book we got him, but he hasn't wanted to get any more. I get that, I guess. It's cool. But give this article a read. It's pretty interesting. I think it's actually far longer than reading a CYOA cover to cover. 



That's how much Adobe is paying for Figma, a piece of design software that has been making life simpler in terms of detailing the UX/UI (User eXperience/User Interface) design of websites and more as well as being the biggest competitor to Adobe's own UX/UI solution, XD. I used Adobe products heavily in past lives, but have not since moving back into the web world. However, I basically live in Figma when doing quality control of my websites. Making sure they adhere to the designs we have in Figma. Should be interesting to see what happens next. 



To say Nathan is enjoying Stranger Things would be understating things a bit.



There are few worse things than having a strong first play on Wordle then discovering how many possibilities there are for the last few missing letters and winding up botching it.


I can’t believe Nathan’s 10th birthday is this coming Monday. Where the heck did the last decade go??



We should do this more often!

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Sep 14
The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power? I'll pass. House of the Dragon, the prequel to A Game of Thrones? Nahhhh. The upcoming trilogy of new Avatar movies? Zero interest whatsoever. So is there anything coming out soon...
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Sep 16
Hey, do you make use of digital copies for entertainment purposes and like the Jurassic Park/World movies? I already have digital copies of the three Park and first two World films but came across another digital code for the series...


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Suzanne Apgar

He's the BEST grandson we could ever ask for!! Love you Nater!! Happy 10th!!

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