Tu(n)esday: Selection…

Over the weekend, I updated my cassette “go bag” with some tapes I wanted to listen to in the near future. Unlike in the past, when I would go into my office and needed to select some to take in and have nothing else, I’ve got my entire collection readily available as I work from home. But I still pick allotments to enjoy at any given time for whatever reason.

And that allotment at this point in time?


I think I win Tuesday. Fight me. 

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MaMo 2022.30…

Sep 5
Holly W (FB) scaled that mountain with Abominable on last week’s #MiniMoviePosterMonday. Any idea on this one? See you in seven!
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Sep 7
On Saturday, we went to see the More Fun Stuff Version of Spider-Man: No Way Home. This is basically the dozenth time we’ve seen this film between a few visits to theaters when it originally aired as well as a...


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