So I tried one of those Cactus Plant Flea Market “adult” Happy Meals from McDonald’s tonight. A bunch of people at work were talking about them and buying them, so I caved to peer pressure and got one.


Initial impressions? Overpriced. Underwhelming.

First, it’s $11.50. That’s one pricey freaking Happy Meal.

Second, you only have a choice of a Big Mac or 10-piece Chicken McNuggets. No other sandwiches at all. I’m not a Big Mac fan and McNuggets are a little too dense. Give us some choices!

Third, they forgot my sauce and the fries were cold.

Fourth, the toys are creepy AF. Maybe they get a little cuter as time goes by and you get emotionally numb. But, as of now, they are creepy AF.


Will I get another? Only if I could guarantee a Grimace figure. They only have four to choose from right now… Hamburglar, Grimace, Birdie, and the Cactus Plant Flea Market mascot. I think Grimace is the least traumatizing with the four eyes. But, yeah…


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