Do any of you take part in online contests for free stuff ever? Or are you jaded and think that most of these contests are either rigged or just a means to mine personal data from entrants?

I’m of both minds. I think most contests are BS data mining efforts with no payout at all. But I’ll still enter some, just not all.

Sometimes they actually do pay out, though.

Today, I was notified that I won a free pair of Crocs direct from the company as part of their Croctober Free Pair for All promotion.


I’m stoked! Well, for Nate anyway. I registered for his size. Which I guess means Katie can wear them, too. Only the person who won them has no chance with them. Go figure.

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Kevin Spencer

I found it funny that the yoof of today decided on Crocs being a thing after they had already been around in a much less hip-with-the-kids kinda way.


Even I wear them at my standing desk.

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