Katie and I took Nathan to see the infamous floating Max Mayfield in Plainfield, IL, tonight. Despite easily figuring out the trick to the illusion, it was still pretty sweet to see in person with several hundred other fans.

@kapgar74 MAX!!!! Thanks to @Dave & Aubrey ♬ Running Up That Hill (A Deal With God) [2018 Remaster] - Kate Bush

In case you're having trouble viewing the TikTok video embedded above, here's a link to the same video as a YouTube Short, which I didn't even know was a thing separate from normal YouTube videos and I cannot embed this one. Stupid.

And if neither of those work, here's a photo of her floating.


They also had a pretty sweet interpretation of a demogorgon.



Well, I guess it's time for bed. Have fun in the Upside Down.

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Oct 24
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