We do a fairly simple, yet fun, setup in front of our house for Halloween. Some pumpkins, a spinning light display, fake spider webbing that we added this year, a Frankenstein's monster painted decorative pumpkin on top of our tall arbor vitae, and a large inflated and internally lit Oogie Boogie from The Nightmare Before Christmas.

I love it for its simplicity.

Our Nest doorbell? Not so much. 

Oogie only has a roughly humanoid shape. Okay, barely humanoid. I guess if you’re in a green Klan hood with no discernible legs. It’s enough that it is regularly tripping the Person alerts feature on our doorbell, though.


So much for artificial intelligence, eh? 

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MaMo 2022.36…

Oct 17
My old buddy GundarkHunter got last week’s challenge photo with zero issue whatsoever. I got a sackful of sweets for whomever guesses this one correctly. Its the most wonderful time of the year, folks!
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Oct 20
Come November 9, if I ever have to hear the word “extreme” again, I will scream! Extremely. Make it stop!!


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I hate squirrels.

(Not really. Just going with the quote.)

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