When I was a kid, I loved to draw. I had a buddy when I lived in Kentucky who was mad talented at cartooning and I did everything in my power to emulate (read: “copy”) him.

But in middle and high school, I revolted against art mostly because of art teachers who were horrifically critical and made me hate drawing. So I quit.

Okay, not entirely. I’d doodle here and there. During class or phone calls or long meetings, you could find little doodles all over my notes or textbooks or notebooks.

But the last time I drew anything unique was (let me check the Sketchbook category of my blog) April 15 and March 10, 2017, and, let’s face it, those were pretty damned rough. Before that was August 13, 2013, and I was actually pretty proud of that one.

At work, though, we have some seriously talented artists who are participating in what’s known as Drawtober, which involves daily art challenges via Instagram or other social media outlets.

No, I’m not taking part in the challenge, but when one of our artists asked in Slack where everyone else’s art was (no one had shared), I decided to do a 10-minute sketch of Sam from the horror film Trick ‘r Treat.

Please note, it’s not great. Not even remotely. But I tried and it felt kinda good to draw again. Maybe I’ll try something else soon. We’ll see.

So, this is what Sam looks like (unmasked)…


And this is my interpretation, although I used a more cartoony version as my source…


If you can’t say somethin’ nice, don’t say nothin’, okay?

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