Well crap. There goes my world again.


Don’t worry, I did not click the link in case it was a scam. I know better than that. Especially since I dint have Discover identity monitoring. I actually use a service through my bank. Pay for it, in fact.

But I did call Discover direct to inquire. Turns out it is legit. They found my social security number on the dark web. Somebody tried using it at an auto import place. I put a lockdown on it immediately.

Then I asked Discover why? Why were they letting me know about this when I wasn’t paying the $15 per month for their monitoring service. They told me they do it for all their customers anyway. They actually have a partnership with Experian and the two work hand in hand on behalf of all Discover customers.

Hopefully everything is taken care of. There was nothing untoward on my credit report and I put a fraud alert on my SSN so any attempt to open anything has to be approved by me directly.

Here’s hoping. But this shot is getting old. 

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Nov 5
After my one billionth rager against the inanity of the political attack ads by Illinois gubernatorial candidate and resident fucknut Darren Bailey, I finally figured out the perfect way to get more people to vote in elections. Hear me out....


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