MaMo 2022.38…

I know it’s been a couple weeks. Blog issues and all that jazz. So here’s the triumphant re-re-re-re-return of Macro Monday for 2022. Let’s see if I can keep it going thru the end of the year. Think it’ll happen? Nah, me neither.

No correct guesses on the last challenge photo but some fun ones, indeed.


How about this week?


See you in a week… maybe two… or three… maybe 2023. Who knows?

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Nov 6
I just realized I never shared a picture of us in our family Halloween costumes! We decided to play off Nathan’s C2E2 costume and went as DC Comics villains. So, yeah, that’s Nathan as Riddler, Katie as Harley Quinn, and...
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Nov 8
I planned to get involved in Movember this year. Just grow out the ‘stache for fun and then clear cut it all at the end of the month. Then I told Katie my plans. She just gave me the ol’...


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