I planned to get involved in Movember this year. Just grow out the ‘stache for fun and then clear cut it all at the end of the month.

Then I told Katie my plans. She just gave me the ol’ side eye and that was all she needed to do.


Or a Katie Apgar side eye.

So, perhaps no Movember for me. 

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MaMo 2022.38…

Nov 7
I know it’s been a couple weeks. Blog issues and all that jazz. So here’s the triumphant re-re-re-re-return of Macro Monday for 2022. Let’s see if I can keep it going thru the end of the year. Think it’ll happen?...
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Nov 9
Instructions are boring. Necessary, but boring. And, more often than not, they’re incredibly poorly written. So, imagine my surprise when I not only receive well-written instructions but a set that’s fun to read. That happened to me with a set...


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