Oct '22...

Even October is now over? How does it all fly by in such a blur? 

1. Music Play: Um, wow. Like nothing. Tons of music scrobbled, but apparently none of it was new. Interesting. I usually have at least one.

2. Camera Play: #MiniMoviePosterMonday is still going. I dunno how, but it's still going.

3. Word Play: Still working to keep this alive. I added three books to the tally to bring it up to 61 for the year. I'm feeling really good not only about hitting 70 books as a stretch goal for this year, but also about increasing my goal for next year.


4. Fitness Play: 21 of 31 days. Not as good as September, but still over half. And a little more time spent in the gym as well.

5. Blog Play: The blogging streak died a painful death. Both due to laziness and a data center move by my blogware that caused all kinds of issues with posting and viewing. Yeah, I know I'm backfilling a couple days, but not everything.

6. Update Play: Here you go.

It could use some work, overall.

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Nov 1
Aye yi yi. At first, I just felt a little lazy and lapsed on posting a couple times last week. Then it became an issue where I couldn't post even though I wanted to because my blogging company was switching...
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Nov 3
Oh Aldi, you win.


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