I recently started taking a deeper dive into  3D printing. No, I do not own a printer. No, I do not design things to be printed. But I've gone on a Google quest to see what kinds of .stl (stereolithography) files can be found for downloading and printing.

It's amazing! It's almost like if you can think it, someone has created a file for printing it. Kinda like the earlier internet days where if you can think of something worth copyrighting, someone else has done it. Or if you can think of a domain to register, someone already has.

Anyway, I was looking up Usagi Yojimbo action figures (if you know, you know... don't bother asking) and saw one or two that didn't look like anything I'd seen before. That's because they were 3D printed custom designs. And they were gorgeous! I actually downloaded one set of .stl files because they were free and I just wanted to see what they were all about. Well you open the file and think, "How's a 3D printer going to see all the details on the other sides?"

Screen Shot 2022-12-21 at 9.31.13 AM

And that's when you realize you can drag the image to spin it on all axes! It's so freaking cool!

Screen Shot 2022-12-21 at 9.31.38 AM

Screen Shot 2022-12-21 at 9.31.49 AM

AHHHH!!! I want all the rabbitses!

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Dec 17
This Mold-a-Rama I got at Brookfield Zoo last weekend is perfect for all kinds of situations. Enjoy!


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