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MaMo 2022.41…

Dec 4
So I messed up the normal routine for Macro Monday last week… I completely forgot to crosspost it to Facebook. And since I received no correct guesses (and am feeling a bit lazy), I’m gonna keep it going for another...
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Dec 6
I'm supposed to start those Kevin's 7 end of year media recap posts, aren't I? Ugh. I am so not prepared for this.


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Suzanne Apgar

It may be your Tori Hunter day, but it's also your birthday! Hard to believe it was 48 years ago. You were such a wonderful baby and we were so happy to include you in our family. We love you so much, Kev! Hope you had a great day. See you tomorrow!!



Marty Mankins

Wishing you a blog official birthday (since I was more direct with the text this year)


Thanks, dude!

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