There was a time I thought that Elon Musk was just an eccentric genius. Incredibly talented and wealthy, but maybe a bit on the loony side. And I could forgive that. To paraphrase Norman Bates, we all go a little mad sometimes, right? 

Yeah, that forgiveness is extinct now. The dude is just batshit crazy. And I know I've talked about this recently here, but it's good to see that others are viewing this whole right-wing conspiracy whack job rantings and Twitter firings and online poll taking and meme creating as proof of Musk being as unhinged as I think he has become. And it's affecting his other business ventures, too.

Don't get me wrong, I know that Tesla and SpaceX are more than just Musk. There are thousands of other employees affected, too. From engineers and managers and salespeople and even janitors and cafeteria staff. They are feeling this, too. And I feel bad for them.

But, ultimately, it's all about Musk. He's the one in the big chair of the big offices and the buck has to stop with him.

But will it? I somehow doubt it. He's too empowered right now.

The Musk stinks.


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Dec 20
As of about five minutes ago, I am only two books away from my 2022 reading stretch goal of 70 books on the year! And I have 11 days to finish it! Will I do it? Stay tuned, True Believers!
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Dec 22
I love when you get to that critical mass of Christmas cards received that you can start to see the people who are using the same card templates.


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I wish he'd STFU because he's tanking my Tesla stock and I would like to retire someday!


Do you really have Tesla stock?

Suzanne Apgar

It's such a shame that people like him affect the lives of so many others in such a negative way.

Kevin Spencer

In the market for an electric car. Musk’s asshole erratic behavior of late has meant Tesla completely off the radar.


As long as he has any association with that company whatsoever, I will not consider a Tesla. And I think they’re great cars. I just won’t contribute to his lunacy.

Marty Mankins

Spot on with Musk and his lunacy. He could have done so much more positive things with his money than this vanity purchase of Twitter. I considered a Tesla at one point some years back, but not anymore.


I would never consider it until he steps down from his active role, steps down from the board, sells all his shares, etc. He needs to 100% remove himself from any active or passive role before I’d even consider a Tesla EV.

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