In celebration of the last three Friday the 13ths, I’ve run a personal toy photography challenge wherein I use a Jason Voorhees toy of some sort in a series of photos for the Monday thru Friday leading up to the 13th.

The five photos get tagged with the hashtag #AWeekOfVictims and the intent is that it would feature Jason killing or stalking or otherwise menacing some other toy.

For the last two challenges, I actually wrote poetic couplets to accompany each photo. It’s kinda fun and turns it into a creative writing challenge as well.

Here are the results from the first celebration of 2023…


A Week of Victims, day 1
“No, not me! I’ve got too much love!”
He screamed to the menace looming above.



A Week of Victims, day 2
Perhaps this face off was a flaw.
Can Jason survive the gaping maw?



A Week of Victims, day 3
I expected more, not a shaft of light.
Why bring a twig to a machete fight?



A Week of Victims, day 4
Can Egon and Lucky spirit away
The towering menace that stands in their way?



A Week of Victims, day 5
Your day is finally here, my friend.
But now your story comes to an end.


Next batch coming in October. In fact, our anniversary will be Friday the 13th. I may have to up my game for that series of photos. 

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