Dammit, UPS!! When is my package arriving???? I know this says by 9 p.m. tonight, but as each minute wears on, I feel less and less confident this is actually going to happen today.

Screen Shot 2023-01-04 at 5.31.39 PM

I have a new phone case and screen protector waiting for their host!!

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Jan 3
On NYD, we did some work on Nathan’s bedroom. Yesterday, we started work on our bedroom beginning with a purge. First up with the purge was our footlocker and closet. And it was good, very good. These two piles of...
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Jan 5
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Suzanne Apgar

What are you expecting


iPhone 14 Plus. Both of us.

Suzanne Apgar

Did you get it?


Yeah. It got here a couple hours after I posted this.

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