I had to buy a new multi-plug adapter today to replace one that I’ve had for years. The one I replaced was an Apple branded product which, of course, means that a new one would be pricey.

But this got me reminiscing about the old days when computers had nearly all the ports you needed built right into the computer and things like multi-plug adapters (“dongles”) weren’t necessary except in extreme cases.

So I dug up Katie’s 2009 MacBook (bottom) and laid it in a stack with our 2016 MacBook Pro (middle) and 2021 MacBook Air (top).


Two USB-C ports in each of the newer two laptops and nothing more save a headphone jack on the opposite side. Eight ports in the older. There are some I cannot even identify anymore but they were there in case you needed them.

I miss that variety.

But I don’t miss the weight. That bottom laptop weighs as much as the two above combined. 

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Once I upgraded to the "All USB-C All The Time" model, I was really upset about it. Until I realized that I just don't use ports any more. It's all over WiFi. The one port I DID miss was the SD card slot (and, on rare occasions, the HDMI port) but the latest MacBook Pros added them back. So a couple less dongles, I guess.

Kevin Spencer

I got a M1 16” MacBook Pro from work last year and to be honest the port I was most pleased to see back was the dedicated MagSafe charging port.


It would be nice to have that direct connect HDMI. That was a silly thing to remove although I get removing almost all else. But I also use ports for a webcam for video conferences. I don’t like using the built-in cam in my MBA because it means I’m looking in two places (my external monitor is my primary workspace) so it looks like I’m staring into space. I know that’s become more acceptable now but it still seems weird to me. And then if I have to ever use a thumb drive or external hard drive (which are increasingly rare), I need ports for those. Ugh.


That would be nice.


My newer 14” MBP has MagSafe, 2 USB-C, and a headphone jack on one side, and HDMI, USB-C, and an SD-reader on the other. So, the bad days are over‽


Woah, seriously?? That’s awesome!


Woah, seriously?? That’s awesome!


Woah, seriously?? That’s awesome!

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