Some people are looking forward to the new Avatar movie this year. Some want the new Ant-Man & Wasp: Quantumania. Yet others want Wonka, The Little Mermaid, John Wick 4, Dune 2, Indiana Jones 5, The Super Mario Bros, or any number of other films. 

Me? I'm looking forward to Cocaine Bear! The semi-true story of a grizzly bear that found a discarded brick of cocaine that was pitched out of a plane by a drug runner on the lam in Tennessee in 1985.

Okay, so the movie takes some, er, creative liberties with the facts by adding in a murderous rampage. But that's the part I most want to see! A bear going FREAKING NUTS!


I am but a simple man with simple pleasures in life. 

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Suzanne Apgar

This is what 26 1/2 hrs. of labor gets me?!

Kevin Spencer

With the exception of the new Indiana Jones movie, I'm not hyped to watch any of those you listed to be honest. Alright maybe the new John Wick.


I’m on the fence about Indy 5. I was excited for Indy 4 based on trailers and you could actually see mostly what the film was about based on those. The Indy 5 trailer looks cool, but I have no clue what it’s about at all. I’ve watched it two or three times now and there is zero plot reveal, which worries me. Maybe that worry will help me enjoy it more. Who knows?

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