Goals '23...

I'm going to be honest with y'all here... I have no desire to tweak my goals as I set them last year. Well, save for my reading goal which I've bumped up to 60 books for the year from 48, equating to 5 books per month. Oh, and I'm definitely not doing that Anne Rice goal anymore. It's dead. Just like her main characters.

Given that, here's the quick review. Or preview. No, review. I dunno. Whatever.

Music Play:

Three new-to-me bands per month seems like it would be easy, but has proven to be tougher than I expected with me coming up short several times in 2022. So it's a good one to keep striving for. 

Camera Play:

I have not quite figured out what I want to do with a photography goal. Funny thing is that my toy photography has kinda taken over... but in a good way. I enjoy it. I'm part of a really amazing community of like-minded toy photographers. And I've been doing it daily for a year and a half without even really trying too hard, save for when my old Instagram account got hacked. That threw me into a flux for a few days until I decided to just start a new one. So maybe that's my goal. Just keep that going and keep it fun. If you don't already follow me, you can do so on Instagram @takemoretoyphotos. 

Word Play:

60 books in a year seems doable. Especially since I've met or surpassed that total each of the last two years and I've come really close to hitting it each of the three years prior to that.


Holy cow, that's 300 books in 5 years. Dang.

Fitness Play:

I'm going to keep going with four workouts per week, but make sure the gym is peppered in there. I think I mixed myself up last year thinking it was 50% of the time, which was close to, but not quite, there.

Blog Play:

I will attempt to post 75% of days this year with a secondary goal of posting every day. I feel a bit dirty and negligent when I don't. So that's my goal.

Update Play:

One blog post each month recapping my goal progress from the month prior. 


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