Oh. My. God. I just watched one of the coolest and most fun movies I've seen in a long time, the killer android film M3GAN starring Allison Williams and Violet McGraw.

The gist is that Cady's (McGraw) parents are killed in a car accident and she goes to live with her aunt Gemma (Williams) who is a very single roboticist working on underwhelming toy robots. But she and her partners have a secret pet project called M3GAN or "Model 3 Generation ANdroid," which is a lifelike girl android meant to help children by becoming a surrogate friend/sibling. It all goes great at first until the cracks in the pavement start to show in Megan's programming and she goes off script, to be nice about it. And it's so much fun!


Check out the trailers and make up your own mind.

She is creepy AF and I love her!

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Jan 29
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