Wanna make the teller at your local bank smile, maybe even giggle a little bit?

When they ask how you prefer your bills when cashing checks (yes, some people still use those antiquated tree killers), say, “Spendable.” It worked with my teller today.


(No, that’s not me in the photo)

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Jan 10
I had to buy a new multi-plug adapter today to replace one that I’ve had for years. The one I replaced was an Apple branded product which, of course, means that a new one would be pricey. But this got...
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Jan 12
In the last year, I’ve found myself rewatching some of those tripped out 80s kids/teen fantasy/sci-fi movies. Why? To see if they’re really as weird as I remember them being. Or, if they were movies I’d never seen, to figure...


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