The other day, after Nathan and I solved a run of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Turtles in Time on the Switch (via the TMNT Cowabunga Edition), I took it upon myself to finally play Spiritfarer, a game that Katie and Nathan bought for me for my birthday… in 2021.


The game tells the story of Stella — along with her cat Daffodil — who becomes a Spiritfarer, or one who helps usher the souls of the dead to the Great Beyond, upon the death of Charon, the previous Spiritfarer. Yes, that Charon, the Boatman on the River Styx from Greek mythology.


Basically, you run around a fairly open world (as you progressively open new portions of your map) and gather clues as to where spirits can be found and collect them. Then you bring them back to the Everdoor so they can crossover to the afterlife. Along the way, you collect supplies necessary to survive and build up your boat, which is your home throughout this quest.


The animation is gorgeous and a joy to behold. Gameplay is very smooth and easy to learn. The music is very soothing and ethereal. The characters are really fun and have cool little quirks and design elements and… well, you just have to give it a play.


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Jan 24
I have something I must admit. I'm not very proud of this. But I reported it to the authorities as soon as I found it and I am cooperating fully. Yes, you guessed it... I found classified White House documents...
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Jan 26
Remember back in September when I whined like a baby about my 43-game Waffle win streak coming to an end? Well imagine my disdain now that my current 116-game streak came crashing to an end by a mere single play....


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