Remember back in September when I whined like a baby about my 43-game Waffle win streak coming to an end? Well imagine my disdain now that my current 116-game streak came crashing to an end by a mere single play.


Yup, it just happened.

It’s so easy to keep a Waffle streak alive. You just have to not make stupid plays or accidentally eff it up. This streak ended because of stupid plays and I’m angry at myself for it.

Well, time to start anew, I suppose. 

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You can cheat and abandon a game if you're not going to get it out. It doesn't count an incomplete game against you. Ask me how I know.


Nope. Not gonna do it. Gotta finish my games!


I guess I’m not careful enough as my best streak is only 34 and I’ve been played 211 days. Interestingly, my 5⭐️ percentage is higher than yours (13%), but then so are my 2⭐️, 1⭐️, 0⭐️ and X.


I gave up on playing for high stars in Waffle or lower guess counts on Wordle. I just want to solve it. I got burned out on the hardcore playing.

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