One of the coolest things about toy photography is trying to make do without having too much in the way of sets or dioramas or whatnot. One of the easiest ways to accomplish this is to scour the web for hi-res photography that can be used on the background of your computer behind the subject of your photo.

And you wind up with some really cool wallpapers for your computer, to boot!

Check some of these out...







I found all these on the web and none of them were payment required, although all of them are beautiful enough that they should be. But if they were, I couldn't afford to use them. This is a hobby for me. I've made zero money on it and don't expect ever to.

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Jan 21
Katie and I were cleaning up in the garage early this afternoon and put the door down after loading up some donations into her car. That’s when we heard the SNAP! $375 later and we have new garage door springs,...
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Jan 23
This is so beyond incredible. Beyond beyond. I love Siouxsie, Iggy, and Billy and really like Gary, Echo, Rockets, and English. It’s screaming “YES” despite the nagging “no” of reality. Oddly enough, I’m actually going to be in San Francisco...


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Suzanne Apgar

They're beautiful shots.


Wish I could say they were mine. Alas…

Kevin Spencer

Nice find, those are amazing.


It’s amazing what you can find out there.

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