My son has now officially been introduced to Swedish pop superstars ABBA and their hit single "Dancing Queen" thanks to Dipper Pines and his obsession with Icelandic pop superstars BABBA and their hit single "Disco Girl" on the animated TV show Gravity Falls. Yes, that last one is a joke from the gnarly mind of show creator Alex Hirsch. 


After watching the episode "Dipper vs Manliness" and one of the final scenes in which Dipper (voiced by Jason Ritter) is supposed to kill the Multi-Bear to prove his manliness to the clan of Manotaurs, this happens:

Of course, Nate being Nate, he started singing the BABBA version, so I asked him if he knew it was based on a real song. He asked me to play it. So I did and he likes it and now I'm Parent of the Week.

Of course, Spotify being Spotify, it continued down an 80s wormhole after wrapping ABBA and he got to listen to Tears for Fears' "Everybody Wants to Rule the World," which he immediately recognized thanks to Josh Gad in Pixels:

It amazes me how kids learn pop culture. Sometimes great, sometimes horrifying. 

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