In line at Michael's over the weekend, I saw this special edition of LIFE magazine making a VERY bold claim on the cover...


Sure, I've been an Aerosmith fan at various points in my music-loving career. But to call Aerosmith "America's Greatest Rock Band" has got to be one of the most subjectively skewed and hyperbolic claims I've seen in a while.

For me, it's primarily a question of consistency. Aerosmith has been around in some way, shape, or form since 1971 when they signed their first major label contract. But, since then, they've only been good from, let's say, 1973-1976 (the classic greats including their s/t debut, Get Your Wings, Toys in the Attic, and Rocks), 1986-1993 (the re-birth with the Run-D.M.C. crossover on "Walk This Way," Permanent Vacation, Pump, and, arguably, Get a Grip), 1998-1999 (for a few singles related to soundtracks), and, let's be honest, nothing since. The gaps in that timeline were pockmarked with inferior albums, drug addiction and rehab, and band member departures, albeit temporary.

So, basically, we've got a band that's been strong for 14 of the 53 years they've been together and somehow they're "America's Greatest Rock Band"?

Sorry, just not seeing it. And I really have trouble believing LIFE would publish that. Rather sensational, eh?

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Feb 20
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Feb 22
This is appropriate, don't you think? I saw this mug at IT'SUGAR in Chicago over the weekend. I couldn't help but laugh. I should have bought it but I don't need yet another coffee mug. Defeats the purpose of "purging."


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Kevin Spencer

Adding “one of” to the claim would make this sit better I feel.


But did they? No.

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