After reading Kim's first goal update post on her blog, I've decided I'm going to follow suit and steal one of her goals...

It's the goal she titled "Continue to purge things I don’t use from the house" but I will retitle it as "Purge Play" to make it fit my other goals. With this goal, I plan to make at least one reasonably sized trip of donations to some donation center, be it Goodwill, Salvation Army, Habitat for Humanity, or some other place we find. 


In January, we took two trunkloads of goods to Goodwill and another smaller load to Habitat for Humanity. I blogged about one of the trips already. 

It's a good thing to do and we have a lot of crap we need to get rid of desperately. I think it's a very reasonable goal. Just gotta keep up with it.

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