It’s kinda funny how when you have zero investment in the outcome of the Super Bowl, you can just kinda relax and not worry and just enjoy the game for what it is.

That was me tonight. Zero investment. Not rooting for the Chiefs or Eagles.


I actually enjoy both teams. I could easily see myself being a fan of either should my love of the Bears go away, which I don’t see happening. But I said the same about the Blackhawks, too.

And that knowledge made me have fun watching the game and just root for it more as a game of American football than to root for one team or the other.

What a game it was! That was one of the more thrilling Super Bowls I’ve ever seen and I’ve watched them all from XX on to LVII (that’s 20 to 57 for you non-Romans). I had no idea how it was going to go from one minute to the next.


I wish they could all be that good.

Google is having fun with the results.


If only they had swapped white for gold, though. Almost nailed Chiefs colors. 

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