Scream VI is being released on March 10 and I’ve gotta admit that since I caught up on the entire series back in January, I’m kinda stoked about seeing it in theaters.

I was digging around gleaning little bits of knowledge about it and learned that this new one is moving from fictional Woodsboro, CA, to NYC. To tie in with this new locale, the art and marketing departments came up with one of the coolest posters I’ve seen in a while. Check it out…


It’s a subway route map made to look like the killer Ghostface. But, even cooler is that each colored route represents a single movie and the “stops” on the route are the victims in each film, be they the victims of Ghostface or the people behind the mask who wind up dead themselves.

I absolutely love this! 

This is one of the most clever pieces of marketing I’ve seen in a while for a movie.

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Feb 9
We’re supposed to be getting snow this time of year. Not flooding of water runoff fields. But, yanno, global warming isn’t real.


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Kevin Spencer

I’ve been living in a cave, didn’t even know they’d made more Scream movies. I think I’ve only seen the first one!


That’s a long time in a cave considering the second came out one year after the first.

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