I am officially of the firm belief that human beings cannot handle organized religion.


Yes, I understand the irony at play here given that human beings created organized religion. But, in the many millennia that we have walked this marble, we have proven time and again that we are an animal that is far too simple to:

  1. be able to discern what is fact or fiction,
  2. comprehend what elements of our respective religions are skewed by personal bias and horrific language and/or cultural translation, or
  3. admit that what we accept as truth is tainted by financial greed. 

I wish it could all be started over. 

But it cannot. We're in too deep. 

Nor will I ever be able to convince those that adhere to the "teachings" of their preferred higher being that they need to re-think what they accept as gospel.

But I cannot. They're in too deep.

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Feb 5
This is so stinkin’ cool! I mean, there is some serious left and right brain going on here to create this. And, yes, I saw the LEGO Technic in play there. Wow! Just wow.
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Feb 7
Soon, my friend. Very soon. And then the real danger begins.


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Suzanne Apgar

Well said! I have always felt that organized religion served two purposes. 1. It gave the educated (monks, priests, etc.) a chance to control the masses so that they would cow tow to their wishes and make the few richer at the expense of the masses. 2. It gave hope to the poverty stricken that there was something better. Catholicism is a perfect example of both points. I spoke to a priest some years back and he said that the Catholic tradition of eating fish on Fridays. The center of Catholicism is in Rome which is part of a peninsula with water and fish on all sides. Hence, it was economics with the chance to help fishermen. It was a myth that this was done because Christ died on a Friday. Priests and Popes used to be married and had families. The hierarchy didn't like the idea that money paid to the priest or pope was left to their families upon their death. Why does each religion feel that you MUST go along with their particular beliefs or you will not go to heaven. A Presbyterian must believe their way cause the Lutherans are going to hell for their beliefs. For a long time I have felt it was all a bunch of hooey. The Bible is nothing more than a good story, nothing more. Why would God persecute the gays and lesbians if he created them in His image? Hence, I don't go to church.

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