Feb '23...

Just a quick reminder that I added a new goal at the beginning of this month, so you all have something new to hold me to. Shall we see how I did?

Music Play

You may be looking at some of these "new-to-me" listens and are thinking to yourself, "Where the hell has Kevin been all these years? This is your first time listening to XYZ??" Well, that's not going to change at all this month.


Sports Team


Blacklist Royals
Die Young With Me


The Auteurs
New Wave (and other albums)

Camera Play

28 straight days! Check them out on Instagram.

Word Play

Here's the recap for February and queue for March. I am now at 12 of 60. 


Fitness Play

I eked in 17 days of walking. I'm trying. I really am.

Blog Play

Another solid month of blogging. Yay!

Purge Play

We took a large storage tub of random stuff to Goodwill twice in February. We have more stuff to donate to Ukrainian refugees but just haven't made the trip in just yet. So I've got a guaranteed goal meet for March now. 

Update Play

If you are reading this, you read the goal.

See you next month in what I'm sure will feel a lot quicker than it actually is.

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Libroqueue 2023.03...

Feb 28
Okay, so maybe I aimed a bit high for such a short month. Shall we recap? Here’s what I planned to read in February: Josh Riedel’s Please Report Your Bug Here Hallie Rubenhold's The Five: The Untold Lives of the...
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Mar 2
Apparently today was the Day of Tree Felling in our neighborhood. No warning. No alerts. No notes on our door or the HOA Facebook page. Suddenly there was a bunch of shouting back and forth then a lot of sawing...


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