Have you ever experienced a complete taste overhaul on something you've eaten just by properly identifying what it was? Like, when you had it misidentified, the taste was so bad, you couldn't stomach it. But once you realized what it truly was, it was perfectly fine?

For example, Katie bought some lunchmeat at the store recently just to give us a little lunch time variety. When she bought it, she told me what it was but that completely slipped my mind. 

Then one day I was craving a turkey sandwich, so I grabbed some of the lunchmeat and made one.


I didn't know if it was because I hadn't eaten turkey in such a long time, but this stuff just tasted off. Not rotten or expired or the like, just not turkey.

When Katie got home, I asked her what she thought of her sandwich as I had made her the same thing. She said it was fine. 

I was confused.

A couple days later, I went in for a second shot. This was when I noticed the label on the packaging... chicken breast.

Then I tasted it and any sour feeling my taste buds and brain had toward it were gone. It was... chicken breast. Plain and simple and perfect.

I went from thinking I was going to be sick to having no problem eating it whatsoever.

I know the brain is wired to do some pretty gnarly stuff, but that just seems a bit over the top to me.

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