Aw man, now we’ve gone and done it. We added yet another streaming channel to our lineup. Which one? Paramount+.


No we’re not adding another monthly fee. Much like Prime and Hulu, this one is free. As part of us buying an LG TV at Costco, we got a $75 gift card to use for a Paramount+ subscription. And since we’re okay with mild commercial interruption (so far… things could change), we went with the $4.99/month plan expanded out to $50/year. In other words, we just got a year and a half of Paramount+ for free. Well, for the cost of a new TV anyway.

For me, that’s plenty of time to catch up on Picard


And Mayor of Kingstown


Dianne Wiest saying, “Get the fuck outta here” is worth the cost alone.

Gotta see what else is on there, too. 

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Marty Mankins

We had CBS All Access before it got rebranded to Paramount + and I have to say, the rebrand helped a lot. Content wise, this streaming service is good. And for $50 a year, it's one of the few that went down in cost (the older plan was $60 a year and included local CBS channel).

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