* If You Know, You Know

And I know. Nathan had a ton of these as a little kid when he loved taking baths. Not so much the case anymore. About the baths, that is.

Im pretty sure we still have a bunch of these damn sponges floating around somewhere. 

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Mar 7
For the longest time, I swore I had been a fan of Depeche Mode since their album Violator dropped. However, I recently looked up the release date (March 19, 1990) and that just doesn't jive at all. I know, for...
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Mar 9
Seeing this headline killed me… “Cartel suspected of American kidnappings issues alleged letter of apology.” For real? An apology? After killing half the people in the group they mistakenly identified as Haitian smugglers? And shooting a third in his leg?...


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Suzanne Apgar

If your pipes are clogged, I think you know why!!

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