Adidas has been a brand as long as I can remember. Shoes, clothing, sports equipment, whatever. But it was always a secondary or tertiary brand. Not one that we would think of as top of the line. Certainly not something we sought out or pined over.

Things have apparently changed, though. My son and his friends are all about Adidas. I mean they want Adidas!


Today at the bus stop, Katie noticed that all three of the fourth grade boys were wearing Adidas shoes. I was doing laundry and folded no less than three Adidas shirts that belong to Nate.

We offer him Nike, Under Armour, Reebok, any others. Not in an attempt to sway him from Adidas. Just because we find good deals on something we think he’ll like. 

Nope, it’s all about Adidas.

He doesn’t even care about Air Jordan (for that I’m thankful).

All Day I Dream Adidas Shoes. A far cry from the taunting All Day I Dream About Sex acronym we gave it in the 80s. 

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