C2E2 ‘23…

Yesterday marked our now annual one-day visit to the three-day Chicago Comic and Entertainment Expo, also known as C2E2.

Unlike last year, we had a better idea what to expect and did some prep work deciding how to get things done.

Well, TBH, much of that prep work went to hell in a hand basket. Y’see, we intended to take part in an autograph session with Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles co-creator Kevin Eastman. However, they ran that autograph session differently than the rest. Not only was it not in the same location as all the other autograph sessions, you didn’t pay for it the same way, so we were caught a bit unawares.

We went over and got in line for the session and it was a couple hundred people long already. Then I saw something about how you had to scan a QR code to pay ahead online. By the time I found the QR code, the session had sold out. So we jumped out of line and started wandering (Katie was with us at the event but was wandering the booths with our in-laws while Nathan and I auto hunted).

While wandering, we happened past a booth that featured the names Sean Gordon Murphy and Katana Collins and I stopped dead in my tracks. Y’see, this pair wrote and did art for one of our favorite comic books of all time, Batman: White Knight - Harley Quinn. So, yeah, we jumped in that significantly shorter and cheaper line (free!) and waited and bought some swag and got autographs and photos. Both of us.





One of the other things we planned to do was meet up with graphic artist and toy designer Nathan Hamill, co-creator of Kaiju Frankenstein and the IG comic 2 Dumb Dinos. And we did. Nathan and I each bought a Kaiju Frankenstein that Nathan signed and got another photo.




We saw a lot of other great stuff. We bought some gear. We met with similarly dressed cosplayers.



Katie bought me a Dipper Pines Funko POP. We ate. We watched. We had fun. We left.

And we took some photos.









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