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Apr 15
I totally appreciate attention to detail in life. Doesn’t have to be anything big, either. I just like knowing that someone cared about something… anything… enough to take time to put in a little extra effort. Today, for example, (and...
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Apr 17
Adidas has been a brand as long as I can remember. Shoes, clothing, sports equipment, whatever. But it was always a secondary or tertiary brand. Not one that we would think of as top of the line. Certainly not something...


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Suzanne Apgar

Guess this is legit. There were no stickers to rearrange!


Nope. No questioning it.

Kevin Spencer

Hearing the extremely satisfying clicky noises has sold me on the Nexcube.


Do it! It’s fun! My Walmart had it on clearance for $5 or $6.

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