After reading my first Junji Ito horror manga earlier this year and then following it up with two more in subsequent months, I really thought I would keep it up and just read a new book each month.

But after reading Uzumaki, I need a break. That book was intense and freaky in a way I never expected.

Spirals… just keep them the hell away from me.

And snails… don’t get me started on snails.


Oh, and I also need to read books exclusively from left to right for a bit again. That is such a trip. Especially when you read some one way and others “backwards” all at the same time. 

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Apr 24
I guess I shouldn't be surprised that Tucker Carlson "parted ways" with FOX News. His resume of late has been nothing much more than propagating conspiracy theories and bald-faced lies. And, mind you, I'm no Democrat... or Republican. But whatever....
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Apr 26
Whoever created the .webp image format needs to be shot and hung by… whatever they have available to be hung from painfully. Goddamn, I hate .webp and see absolutely no reason why it continues to exist. Yes, I know they’re...


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