Does anyone feel like this third season of Ted Lasso has been rather lackluster? Everything feels forced, overacted, too jokey… I think you get the point.

In the first two seasons, we had sincerity deftly interwoven with keen comic timing. We had empathy and fun. We had love and rivalry.

You can try to argue that the season is slowly building to the inevitable end of its run, but this is like a network season’s worth of slow build. We’re up through episode 5 already and by this time last season, we already had “Do the Rightest Thing,” “Carol of the Bells,” and “Rainbow,” three of the finest episodes of televised entertainment from ANY series.

This season? I’ve had zero interest in rewatching any of the episodes. By comparison, I had rewatched episodes 1-5 of seasons 1 and 2 about a half dozen times by now. If this were the first season of the show, I’m not sure I’d be compelled enough to keep going. It’s a sophomore slump in junior year. 

That’s not to say there aren’t good things happening.

We’ve had Roy vs Trent which was a masterful display of emotion from both actors.


We had the Colin reveal although I’m getting tired of the forced “Fine, I’ll do him for you” locker room jokes. I also wonder what’s taking so long with Trent mentioning to Colin what he witnessed.

I kinda like where the Keeley-Jack thing is going even if it means there is no more Keeley-Roy.

I really hope this shift in the Nate and Jade story is what’s going to be the impetus of his redemption. There had damn well better be a redemption!


And the Rebecca psychic thing could be interesting but it needs greater urgency. We’re halfway through the season and she’s still not convinced? I’m sure there will be another massive fast forward in time before the end of the season like there was between episodes 4 and 5, but I’d prefer a more natural flow of events.

On the obverse side of the coin, I miss Roy and his niece Phoebe. She’s been in, what, one scene this season?

There has been no really decent story with Sam or Dani. The restaurant soft open was okay for Sam but not one of his sincere on-screen growth moments. And Dani stanning over Zava (all of them did it, save Jamie, but none moreso than Dani) was kinda disgusting.

Speaking of Zava, is this really it? Are they done with him (which I would be fine with) or will Rupert lull him out of his avocado-growing retirement plan to further stir up the rivalry pot?

I hate the Shandy storyline and character. Way overdone and annoying. I know it’s necessary to build up Keeley as a legit businesswoman and make Jack’s character more vital, but it could’ve been done more subtly and without the horrific Jerry Maguire homage.

As much as I know many of you are going to hate hearing this, but I blame Jason Sudeikis. I think he took way too much time producing the season. I think he’s had way too iron a grip on all aspects of it and it’s not being allowed to play out organically.

I miss Bill Lawrence as showrunner.

I want to be wrong. I want the season to be the best at which point I will apologize profusely and take back every bad thing I said.

PLEASE prove me wrong.

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Kevin Spencer

I had a similar feeling and I couldn't quite put my finger on it. Could it be that such a heartwarming story circa season one doesn't translate to a multi-season arc? It's still good and I enjoy watching it, but something sure feels off doesn't it?


I think it could and should have translated to a three-season arc easily. But under more able hands.

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