I was looking up an obituary from my friend Mike who died in 1993 when I came across an obituary lookup site. Their search struck me as interesting…


Do you see it?


Seriously? “This is me”?? How would you be looking for your own  obituary?

I… wow. 

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Apr 4
Katie found this Instagrammer named Brian Moller (BMothePrince) whose one-man multigenerational approach to culture is just too spot-on to be ignored. Oh, Instagram. You may be Meta-owned, but I still love you.
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Apr 6
🎶 Ba-da-bum bum bum… another one bites the dust. 🎵 FOX announced today that they will not be bringing back The Resident for season 7. I’m guessing it’s a combination of reduced ratings and increased production costs. Whatever the case,...


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