You ever have those moments where you see an announcement of an upcoming film that you had zero awareness of previously, but then, after that announcement, you can’t stop thinking about it and need it to happen?

That is Sisu for me right now.

A Swedish film about a WWII commander in the Swedish army who loses everything and then, one day near the end of the war, strikes gold.


As he’s traveling the 563 miles to the nearest bank, he’s stopped by Nazis who try to take it from him.


I’ve never heard of the film and am wholly unaware of the star Jorma Tommila or its director Jalmari Helander and I can’t stop thinking about it.


It just screams Nobody meets Inglourious Basterds. And I fear my life will be incomplete without watching it on the big screen.

Give me Sisu!!


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Apr 22
While I truly wish there was much more detail to this video -- there are way too many effectively pre-fab elements just lowered into place without us being able to see them being made as well -- it's still a...
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Apr 24
I guess I shouldn't be surprised that Tucker Carlson "parted ways" with FOX News. His resume of late has been nothing much more than propagating conspiracy theories and bald-faced lies. And, mind you, I'm no Democrat... or Republican. But whatever....


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Suzanne Apgar

Looks pretty decent!

Suzanne Apgar

When will it be on Netflix cause it isn't now?


It may never be. Not everything goes to Netflix. Netflix has to pay for rights to stream and they prefer to pay for their own original content. This is coming out in theaters this Friday.

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