We have our Internet back!!!

Turns out it wasn’t our modem or router, though. The tech that came out said it looked like another crew, while turning on new service for a neighbor, may have either moved the connection we had at the hub thinking it was an old connection that was no longer needed or we were plugged into the wrong port from the very start. He wasn’t entirely sure. Whatever the case, when he looked at the hub, we were plugged into a port that was not the one assigned to our address.


He plugged us in, flagged it so future techs do not move it, mapped our hub more precisely in the company’s computer to make it clearer what’s what, and tested our gear. Everything is perfect.

AT&T can stop sweating my hotspot use this cycle.

Nathan can stop griping about his iPad not working. 

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Apr 28
It’s amazing these days the level of disarray your life delves to when you lose that oh-so-precious connection to the internet. It first happened on Wednesday when my connection went dead in the middle of the workday and I had...
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Apr 30
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