Apr ‘23…

Another blink-and-you-miss-it month this year. April? We hardly knew ya!

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While these were all good albums, Dragon Inn 3 takes the prize for my favorite album this month and might fare well at the end of the year. Good 80s synthpop vibe with dreamy female vocals. That’s three checks in the positive column for me!


Dragon Inn 3
Trade Secrets




Wet Leg
Wet Leg

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30 straight days! Check them out on Instagram.

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Six books! Heck yeah! So here’s the recap of what I read in April and what I plan to read in May.


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18 out of 30 days. Not bad. I had a bunch of >10K step days this month. More than in a while.

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There was a bit of backfilling going on, but I went 30 for 30 overall!

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Nothing major. But we did get rid of a few small items. Set of TV tables and whatnot. We’re finding it’s getting harder and harder to donate anymore. Seems that donation centers are becoming stricter and stricter about the FREE STUFF we give them.

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If you are reading this, you read the goal.

See you in May which will probably only feel like two weeks from now. 

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Apr 30
I love those months where, for the first 15-20 days, you only finish one book. And you start to sweat about achieving your goal. Then, bam bam bam bam bam… you hammer out five books in the final 10 days...
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May 2
I work with a bunch of video game junkies. We have an entire interest channel in Slack dedicated to videogaming. I follow the channel and participate a little bit here and there. But I'm not much of a gamer so...


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