Normally at this point of the year, we’re struggling to get Nathan signed up for park district classes for the summer because with so many two-working-parent families, those classes fill up quick.

Last year, he had to forego tennis classes for the whole summer because they were full. Even the waitlist didn’t pan out.

For some reason, though, we got him into both of his classes without a problem. I mean, sure, we went a totally different route this year giving him a break on tennis for the start of summer, but I still expected a drawing class and Dungeons & Dragons for Beginners to fill right up.


Yup… D&D. I wanted to sign up with him but it was only for kids. I guess “at heart” doesn’t count.

This will be fun. 

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May 8
Nicolas Cage as Count Dracula? What could possibly go wrong? I can only see it going oh-so-right.
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May 10
Why do people just not care anymore? A scarily large number of people were ignorant assholes prior to the COVID-19 pandemic as it was. But they only got worse and empowered and seemed to take another big chunk of humanity...


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