I’m plotting out some travel things for an upcoming vacation we’re taking. Mostly trying to figure out what I do and don’t want to take with us.

The three of us like to travel light. Like really light. We take a small backpack and a small pull-behind suitcase each and that’s really it.


If we can’t fit it in those, then here’s hoping we don’t need it. And each vacation becomes a quest to further optimize that space.

For example, packing for Seattle last year and San Francisco this year are a bit tougher than Florida and Arizona last year. Why? Totally different weather in the former two than the latter meaning more jeans and long sleeves than shorts and t-shirts. Even in late May, SF isn’t expected to have a high temp greater than about 65-70°F. That part of Northern California hits their high temps in September and October… Katie and I discovered that the hard way in 2011.

To accommodate heavier clothes, I’m trying to cut corners in other ways, specifically electronics.

Even though this is a work trip, I’m not bringing my laptop. I’ve taken it on each of my last two annual work trips and never once used it. It’s just a hefty brick in my luggage.

I’m also not going to take my e-reader. I use it, sure. But I’ve got plenty of paperbacks that I have yet to read that would weigh less and require one less charger to use. And if I either don’t like or finish reading the book, I can ditch it out there for someone else to enjoy. Not gonna do the same with my Kindle.

Speaking of electronics, I’m only going to take my iPhone, AirPods, FitBit, and NintendoDS and their associated chargers. And part of me is debating the DS, TBH.

So it’s clothes, toiletries, those few electronics, a book, and a few small toys for photography’s sake.

This is going to be oddly light for me. 

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Marty Mankins

Over the years, I've learned to pack lighter. I used to take so many electronics that it got to a point where over half of them never got used. Today, my electronic list is: MacBook Air, iPad 11-inch, iPhone 13 mini, AirPods, PowerBeats Pro and one charger with USB-C and Lightning cables. Oh an my Apple Watch with related charging cable.


That still feels like a lot. I did wind up taking my iPad and Kindle Fire and never used either. No, I did use my Kindle a few times but not like I thought I would. My backpack could’ve been so much lighter.

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