With The Flash, the final movie in the soon-to-be defunct DCEU, coming out soon in theaters and given the fact that Nathan and I watched Suicide Squad this weekend, I decided I wanted to counter the negative stigma from Ezra Miller and their portrayal of Barry Allen and Flash by introducing him to the far superior versions played on television from 2014 to the end of this month by Grant Gustin.

If you’ve ever watched the TV version of The Flash on The CW, you know how perfectly Gustin played both Allen and Flash. He played the role with empathy, joy, enthusiasm, and everything that you could ever hope for from that sort of performance. Sure, the show got a little convoluted after a few seasons, but Gustin remained awesome.


And I wanted to introduce Nate to Grant before the woman-hating, abusive jackass that is Miller ruins it all.

He really dug the first episode and wants to watch more. He’s really dying for Reverse Flash to show up on screen. He won’t be disappointed.

I know it’s way too late to keep wishing for it, but I still wish the DCEU would’ve chosen Gustin for the films as well.

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May 14
I love this scene so much. So powerful. So meaningful. I miss Robin Williams.
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Instrument 2...

May 16
We went to that Band/Orchestra Night that was being hosted as a "get to know your instrument" night for upcoming fifth graders. It was split in two with orchestra (string instruments) and band (brass and I think a few woodwinds)...


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