Next year, Nathan is eligible to start playing an instrument in either orchestra or band at school. And, yes, he's interested. 

Initially, he said he's interested in playing either guitar or flute. For whatever reason, though, he hasn't mentioned either of those lately. That and I'm not sure if guitar is available at his age. I think that might be more of a high school thing.

Katie and I started doing a little research into instruments and prices. We were trying to focus on options that are both inexpensive and easy to transport for when he has to take it back and forth to school.

When I was in grade school and took part in orchestra (very briefly), I was talked into playing the upright bass mostly because of my size. But that thing is a beast to carry. Thankfully, the school I was at when I was "playing" was one my parents had to drive me to both ways so I never had to worry about having that on the bus and at the bus stop. 

So I'd like to avoid that pain for him (as cool as an upright bass truly is... thank you for that, Leslie Higgins).


We considered a trumpet for him. Shockingly we can get them for only about $150, it's a good size for transport, and, most importantly, he's interested

Next week, he has a band/orchestra night to come in and check out potential instruments. Oh, and they have rentals! Never mind the $150. Even better. Try before you buy!

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May 12
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May 14
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